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The rules are simple. I ask someone brilliant to go to their bookshelves, count 5 shelves up, 5 books in from the left, and answer 5 questions. Colette blogger (and fellow Arizona native) Chad Buri plays along.

1. What's the book?

Sun Father's Way by Bertha P. Dutton.

2. What's it about?

The book explores the mythological symbolism of the Kiva murals discovered at Kuaua, a 15th and 16th century pueblo ruin on the west bank of the Rio Grande near Bernalillo, NM.

3. What memories do you associate with it?

Growing up in Arizona, I was surrounded by Native American symbolism. The sparse, vibrant images are so direct, but mysterious, strange and loaded with meaning. The book is a nice balance between archeological detail and the mythological stories the murals tell.

4. Where did you get it?

I found the book at Guidon Books in Scottsdale, AZ. Guidon is a quirky bookshop specializing in the American Civil War and Western Americana. Guidon, lunch at the Tee Pee Tap Room, and a drink at the Coach House is a perfect afternoon home. If I had my way, I’d arrange an evening rain shower, and cap off the day taking in the smell of the desert.

5. What kind of shelves does it rest on?

Sun Father’s Way lives on the top shelf of an old barrister bookcase.


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