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The rules are simple. I ask someone brilliant to go to their bookshelves, count 5 shelves up, 5 books in from the left, and answer 5 questions. Jonathan Schilder Brown of the beautiful Leadapron galleries in Los Angeles, plays along. (The Leadapron book gallery shown above.)

1. What's the book?
Tokyo by William Klein
Crown Publishers, New York, 1964. (INSCRIBED by William Klein)

2. What's it about?
Published in 1964 Tokyo rounds out the set of four city books by photographer and graphic designer William Klein. The first and most famous of which Life is Good and Good for You in New York was published in 1956 and was a completely new approach not only to photography but to photobook design. In each of his city books Klein captures the unique personality of each metropolis with his chaotic, chiaroscuro double page images that throw the viewer head first into the vibrant street life of New York/Rome/Moscow/Tokyo. 

3. What memories do you associate with it?
My first trip to Japan. The wonderful Rat Hole Gallery. Cherry Blossoms. Since I don’t speak Japanese, having to rely purely on visual information to navigate and select books and the striking graphics of this cover.

4. Where did you get it?
This book was purchased in a collection from a photographer.

5. What kind of shelves does it rest on?
The shelves are custom made crit-bar type shelves for displaying books face out. (you can see the shelves on our website in the South Gallery Photos)

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