32 years in the bookselling business, Peter Miller has one beautiful bookstore. The striking white shelves are vertical, meant to mimic "a row of spears" (Peter couldn't bear the thought of "long, sad, sagging shelves"). A collection of what must be every book currently available on the subjects of architecture and design shares space with an astute selection of design objects, creating a bright and colorful spot in a rainy city.
And despite the hardships of modern bookselling (the hordes of browsers that use Peter's expensive overhead and deep expertise simply make their "I'll get this from Amazon" lists, the coffee drinkers that get huffy when asked to not hover over expensive volumes with their drinks), Peter still maintains an idealistic devotion to his trade. "I'm not going anywhere" he says. "Booksellers just have to get better and smarter at what they do."  I agree. The best and smartest will always do amazing things, and I look forward to seeing how Peter Miller Books evolves. In the meantime, don't be so cheap; if you found it there, buy it there.

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  1. Looks wonderful, definitely on my "to visit" list next time I'm in Seattle.