There's Reading, and then there's Books. The materials and methods of making books, the shops that carry them, and the people that produce them constitute a whole category of publishing: Books on Books. It's a subject that gives proper due to things like scholarly works on bookplates, publishing house histories, collector's biographies, and bookshop memoirs that people like myself can't get enough of. Founded in 1976, Oak Knoll Press is a leading publisher and distributor of books on books. Their output is astounding for what might seem a rather niche field, but they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. Oak Knoll not only adds 35 new titles a year to their 23,000 strong inventory, they've also opened a beautiful shop devoted to bibliographic books in a disused opera house near their press in New Castle, Delaware. All this at a time when bookstores are closing everywhere and some say the book as an object is breathing its last.

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