One of my favorite stops in Paris is the San Francisco Book Company, an English language used bookshop on the rue Monsieur le Prince. I always find something good there as the stock runs from inexpensive but immaculate Pelicans to rare first editions. It's a tiny little place, but the books are carefully chosen. Above are a few of the books I've picked up on past trips (with a sprig of leaves I got from Villiers de l'Isle-Adam's grave site pressed in his biography). I'll be visiting Paris again soon, and I'd love your recommendations on any favorite bookshops (as well as any other recommendations, like charming, cheap lodging).

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  1. It's my favourite bookshop too! I spend more money in there than I should, but I totally lose all self-control the minute I walk through those doors!!

    I also like:
    Village Voice on rue Princesse
    Abbey Books on rue Parcheminerie
    Gibert Place St Michel -- they have a foreign language one, if you're after anglophone reading.
    Chantelivre on rue de Sevres, for fabulous children's books

    Lodging: I will think about it... but
    Hotel de Nesle maybe (6e arrondissement)
    Hotel St Andre des Arts possibly (6e arrondissement)