Artist/publisher Paul Schiek runs TBW Books out of this sunlight-soaked studio. The space is a lot like his publications: spare, beautifully thought through, and made by hand in Oakland, CA. From here he makes small, richly printed volumes of art photography that in only 5 years have turned into collector must-haves.  I love that he's done it all against the grain of current conventional wisdom about publishing. Cheap printing in China? Digital editions? Not for TBW, whose every paper and ink book is printed & handmade in California. Twitter? No Thanks, says Schiek, who lets subscribers, as well as outlets like Colette and Dashwood, do the talking for him. And that's worked out just fine; many TBW editions sell out almost immediately.  You can get your own copies if you order early, but, (as yet another jab against conventional wisdom) he'll even show you what it takes if you want to try doing it yourself.

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