Earlier this year I picked up Leslie Williamson's beautiful book, Handcrafted Modern. I thought it did everything right in presenting the warm, lived-in interiors of a few of my design heroes. I felt confident she would be able to present a great reading list, but I was floored by her offer to send images of each book, set in her ideal spot to read it. This will be the last reading list I'll post for this year, so feast your eyes on Leslie's recommendations and have a happy summer of reading!

Here are some of Leslie's comments on her list:

-Hammershoi by Felix Kramer, Naoki Sato & Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark
Wilhelm Hammershoi is one of my favorite painters and I find myself reaching for one of my monographs on him every so often. I dream of shooting the home he painted so often at Strandgade 30 in Copenhagen. The silence in his paintings speaks to my heart somehow. This book is shown sitting  in my favorite seat in the living room of my house. In the morning the sun comes in and it is a sublime place to sit. I like to start some days quietly with a coffee and beautiful images. Hammershoi always fits that bill. I never tire of looking at this book.

I cannot put it down right now.  I am just embarking on a new project and this book is really inspiring me at the moment. Hilarious, weird, fantastically human. The "artifacts" in tandem with the stories about the objects and how/why they were made I find myself reading and re-reading it... I shot it in the workshop of one of the subjects of my new project on craftspeople. It seems like the perfect place to read it because I can look up and see something that could actually be in the book. Of course I will be covered in sawdust from sitting there, but well worth it in my opinion.

I just finished this and it moved me. I actually read it in this spot in Glen Park Canyon. One woman's journey into the history of the Cathar in the S. of France, the root of personal enlightenment/religion and the transformative effect that it has on her. Seriously fascinating and a beautiful tale of having faith in the signs life sends you and being open to listening to them.

- Gidropark by Yelena Yemchuk
Yelena is one of my dearest friends and her project and mine were basically going on at the same time. I marvel at the things she just finds spontaneously happening around her. I have seen this project from its earliest stages and throughout so I look forward to just getting lost in it again in its finished form. If I could, I would bring it to Coney Island, but I would more likely just curl up on my bed with this book.

I actually started reading this book back when I was writing Handcrafted Modern and quickly learned I cannot READ a book and WRITE a book at the same time. So I hope to pick this back up. I shot this image at a house in the Redwoods, a sublime place to read, frankly, and I imagine I would hear similar sounds if I was in N. Carolina, where Blk Mt. was located...

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