Karyn Reeves has an astounding collection of vintage Penguin paperbacks. Even more astounding is that she manages to read a different one every week, and write a long & thoughtful review of each just-read book on her blog (with three young kids at home while she finishes a PhD). Reeves got her start years ago by not knowing what to read, but finding that "old books with orange spines were not only very cheap, but also invariably interesting, and so you could buy titles at random and be guaranteed of discovering something worth reading", and those old orange books have proven themselves ever since. She's in the midst of winter in her native Australia, but Karyn was nice enough to send a summer reading list of books from her recent reading that "really stand out as deserving to be better known". (She even sent along a favorite non-Penguin, The Magus). But this list is a drop in the very deep bucket of what Karyn could recommend, as perusing her blog for even a few moments (I get lost for hours) will show.

Are you more of a cover junkie than a book-a-week reader? No problem.

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