I received an exciting email this morning from the gents at Albam, the impeccable UK men's shop. They've turned their well-honed style sense toward furniture in celebration of their 5th anniversary. As they say themselves, they're "not reinventing the wheel" - just "continuing on with the ethos that they carry so well in clothing and applying it to other spheres". Sticking to simple classics has served them well and modeling their new offering after a vintage favorite of UK design is a good call. Albam's beautifully refined Ladderax-like system should do well for them (Ladderax was, after all,  the single most searched-for term on my bookshelves blog), and they carry on a great tradition by making their shelving to order by skilled craftsmen in England. It's all very new (not even on their site yet), but the system can be seen at their Monmouth St. store in London, or you can write info@albamclothing.com with questions. 

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