Having recently completed the 6 volume Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters, and still not quite ready to leave their wonderful correspondence aside, I found a reasonably priced copy of George Lyttelton's Commonplace Book. The book was printed by a very tiny press in York, England with obvious care. I was admiring the beautiful workmanship of the book as I lay under an oak tree in Mosswood Park, when I noticed something that for some reason I had never really noticed before on any book. I noticed at the top of the book, where the pages met the spine, a smart little stripey band in crisp red and green. It was like one of those nice understated surprises from bespoke menswear; the quick flash of bright pattern under the collar of an all-white Paul Smith shirt, for instance. I really loved this detail & when I got home, I started looking through all my books for what I learned is called a 'headband'. I found that many of my books had this little woven snip & I always look for it now, spotting the different color combinations & observing how they correspond with the overall design of a book. It's become a sort of nerdy, bookish sport for me. Above are some images of headbands from my library.

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