Bertrand Fleuret is generous. His books of dream-like photographs are beautifully produced by J&L (last image, above), but he gives away free PDF versions on his website, which you can then Xerox. He also generously gives away his inspirations (a few shown above). The giving doesn't stop there. His project, "Remora", seeks to beat the systems, not just of book publishing, but of the Internet as well- of the way images are searched, found, and shared.

From an interview about Remora :

I Xerox 100 copies, place them in transparent envelopes and glue them in the street. It is anonymous so the people who find them have no idea about who does it etc. I often see some copies torn apart on the sidewalk as if someone had been really irritated. Only once I witnessed someone looking at a copy carefully and taking great care to put it back in the envelope and then in his bag to take it home, it was nice.
It works a bit like a blog, except that it costs money, I have to go out in the cold, it’s anonymous, Google can’t find it and people cannot comment. It’s done in pure waste but I enjoy it.

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