After corresponding with Bertrand Fleuret (see next post down), I got thinking about Berlin. For a while now, It's been a go-to place for artists needing an affordable, art-minded, world-class city to live in. I know a few folks who've packed up and moved there. They love it. And I can see why, especially when I see these images of Berlin's gorgeous English-language bookstores (see above- I love the bag of clubs in picture 2).  I wonder if they'd still take the old deutschmarks I got from my 5th grade penpal?

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  1. Sometimes you can still find shops which let you pay with the Deutschmark, but that is very rare.
    Thanks for posting all the links. Makes me want to buy even more English books.
    Oh, and let me know, if you ever happen to be in Berlin, I would be delighted to give you a tour.