Camping this weekend on a misty bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I marveled at how much I love living in California. But in the morning, when rain came streaming into the tent, I found myself longing for the warm protection of the Rose Reading Room. Located safe on the 3rd floor of the main research branch of the NYPL (so placed in 1911 to put it above the smell & noise of horse-drawn carriages), it was my favorite rainy-day hideout when I lived in New York. I missed it on that rainy morning, and I still miss the fantastic bargains I could find in the (now closed) sale section of the Mid-Manhattan circulating branch. Above are my well-worn cards from both libraries, and looking at them now is a reminder that sometimes New York is at its best when the weather is at its worst.

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  1. I loved opening your blog and seeing those cards -- I still have mine from when I lived there as well. And that photo of the reading room is so beautiful -- my favorite reading room was at Wilson Library in Chapel Hill, NC. Thanks for inspiring the memories!